I Support Amnesty Because… There Are So Many Ways To Take Part

I support Amnesty because there are so many ways for people to take part. As an Amnesty activist myself I have done a huge variety of volunteer roles. I’ve been a group chair, group secretary, campaign coordinator, letter writer, organised events, lobbied my MP, worked on stalls, blogged, organised group socials, been first person new members have met, issued press releases, given training to local groups, and much, much, more. The truth is with Amnesty you can usually do what you want to support human rights especially as part of a local group. I have had a fantastic time, made many good friends and even added some skills to my CV. You can do this most easily as part of a local group but you can also do a lot as an individual. If you are already doing something with Amnesty please leave a comment below and share your experience.


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