Burma Play Comes to Birmingham

Central Birmingham and Bournville A.I Groups are hosting The Burma Play on Friday 14th August at 7pm at The Birmingham Library Theatre, Central Library Birmingham. Whilst we await the decision in the new trial of Aung San Suu Kyi please support our efforts to raise awareness of the plight of the Burmese people by attending the play. Please see the  leaflet for more information including obtaining tickets from John Bodycote. There are also more details on www.theburmaplay.com including quotes from rave reviews!

2 responses to “Burma Play Comes to Birmingham

  1. Just come home from Bella Italia – Now, the Burma play, which I know very little about,
    apart from guessing that it will be very much
    like the appalling real-life story of Burma and
    it’s people. Including the fate of rightful
    leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. My hope is that the
    play will be up-to-date, with her recent so-called
    ‘trial’. Even, if not, the evening is likely to be
    most informative.

  2. Burma Play. – Subheaded, aptly, ‘a comedy of
    terror’, this play is a stark reminder of sufferings of the Burmese people, certainly, also of the
    subversive qualities of humour towards thuggish rulers, with hangers on, in a military
    Two actors, one male, one female, plus the
    musician, the 3 created a great ‘gestalt’ on
    stage. Ordinary human beings, in Burma, (and
    there are many!) would have approved.
    The climate of terror was conveyed, effectively,
    not through ‘realism’, altho’ that, too, may have it’s place, but via artistic reality & symbolism.
    Local environment, with simple stage props,
    was also depicted powerfully.
    Military rulers were not ‘seen’, whereas their
    ‘presence’ was made known, by quiet menace,
    perhaps in ‘Pinteresque’ style. But Britain had
    not been wholly blameless, either.
    After the play, a discussion panel of eight
    (actors, Co-op rep, Director, writer &
    campaigners from Bournville & C’tral Bham AI
    and Burma Campaign reps) answered questions
    from the audience – and we were all flattered by
    the playwright, who claimed we had been the
    best audience ever!
    Purpose of the evening (altho’ largely preaching
    to the converted)-to draw attention to the
    sorrowful existence of a, mostly, peaceful
    Buddhist population, was a worthy exercise
    on behalf of human rights.

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