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Campaign Trick #5 – Have A Clear, Concise Message

When  you are undertaking a campaign its important to keep your message clear and concise. Any press release should be a maximum of one side of A4. It is worth showing the press release to someone who doesn’t know the subject as they will be in the same position as the average person. Remember with press releases that local media want a local message so find an appropriate local hook. If your press release leads to an interview then you need to be able to say in one sentence what your campaign is about.

If you have experience of this then why not leave a comment and share with others.

Want To Get More Media Coverage For Your Events?

Want to get more media coverage for your local Amnesty group events? A great free resource for local groups wanting to get media coverage is the Media Trust’s Community Newswire. All you have to do is submit your press release, with contact details online .  The most newsworthy are written up into news stories by Press Association journalists and sent out via the Press Association newswire to thousands of journalists every day.  For further information see http://www.mediatrust.org/community-newswire