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Campaign Trick #8 – Have a Sense of Humour

David Nicholl’s eighth trick is to have a sense of humour. When he ran the London Marathon for Amnesty in an orange jumpsuit to raise awareness of Guantanamo he met a few surprised fellow runners. To realise how others see you and use humour to relax them and you can be important in order to get on a level with others. If you want to persuade others to your cause you often need to make a human connection before your arguments can make an impact and humour can help with this. To consider the effectiveness of humour in campaigning see how David Nicholl used the London Gorilla race to raise awareness of Guantanamo by running as ‘George the Guantanmo Guerilla’ at http://www.thestirrer.co.uk/george-the-guantanamo-gorilla-1706081.html