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Seize The Moment

As next month’s General Election looks too close to call, your candidates really do have to listen to what you say. There has never been a better time to tell them about your concerns.

You can contact all your candidates in one go in a matter of seconds – just by entering your postcode on our website. We’ve set up a simple message to remind them to keep human rights in the mix, which you can add to or edit as you wish. It seems this election is all about change. With over 150 new MPs set to come into the House of Commons next month, let’s make sure one thing is steadfast and consistent – a commitment to uphold human rights. Contact your candidate now at http://action.amnesty.org.uk/ea-campaign/clientcampaign.do?ea.client.id=1194&ea.campaign.id=6314

Amnesty on the General Election

See more at www.amnesty.org.uk/election – do let me have any feedback at westmidsamnesty@gmail.com

If you’ve already written or met your candidates or if you have any general tips do leave comments below.

Putting Human Rights On The Politcal Agenda #aiagm

Been to a workshop about getting human rights on the politcal agenda in the run-up to the General Election. It is important with an average of 350-400 Amnesty members in each constituency that we use them to our advantage. Amnesty International UK is encouraging us all to use them as a chance to influence, gather intelligence and develop relationships with the candidates standing.

We had an interesting session sharing our tips and ideas on how to do this. Being polite and persistent in your communication was highlighted as being important. Finding out their individual interests and playing to them was mentioned. Also discussed was making sure to thank them when they support you, sending handwritten letters and encouraging other constituents to contact them on human rights issues too. Social media can be useful too.

If you want to take part in putting human rights on the politcal agenda please visit www.amnesty.org.uk/election and of course leave any comments below.

PS I’ve used the hashtag above so other delegates can see this post on Twitter.

I support Amnesty because… they stand up for human rights not political parties

I support Amnesty because they stand up for human rights not political parties. I enjoy being part of Amnesty International because they stand up for human rights without picking political favourites. They advocate for human rights and challenge all parties to support them. With a General Election coming up in this country I believe it is important to take advantage of this strength to take our message to all candidates standing. Human rights does resonate across the political spectrum demonstrated by a lobby for an arms trade treaty I attended a few years ago where all three of the main party leaders in the UK came out in support. If you want to find out how to lobby your election candidates do see www.amnesty.org.uk/election

General Election 2010

The next General Election can take place no later than 3 June 2010, and conventional wisdom would suggest that the most likely date will be 6 May as there are already local elections on this day.

Why is it important?

The general election provides a unique opportunity for making contact with your local political candidates and raising their awareness of human rights issues. It is important that they are aware that they have constituents who care about human rights and believe that it should matter to their MP. 

What are Amnesty’s key concerns?

Amnesty believes respect for human rights should be at the centre of government policy and practice and urges all parties to make the following commitments in their manifesto:

  • The rights of women in the UK and overseas
  • Security and human rights 
  • The human rights framework in the UK
  • Human rights and poverty

To find out more and download our election pack go to www.amnesty.org.uk/election