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Don’t push asylum seekers into deeper poverty

Most asylum seekers now have to survive on just £5 a day while waiting for a decision to be made on their asylum claim and they aren’t allowed to work to support themselves.

The Government is now considering what level of support to give asylum seekers in the next financial year.

We are asking for asylum seekers to get at least 70% of Income Support (accommodation and utility bills are paid) and no less than £45 a week for single adults.

Go to http://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions_details.asp?ActionID=678 to take action

Supermarket Voucher Exchange

RESTORE aims to launch a scheme exchanging supermarket vouchers for cash for asylum seekers in order to preserve their dignity and expand their available options.

Why do we need supermarket voucher exchange?

Asylum seekers who receive Section 4 support from the government receive £35 in supermarket vouchers every week—but no cash! Section 4 applies to the most destitute asylum seekers who:

1. have submitted a fresh asylum application;

2. are seriously unwell;

3. or have agreed to return to their country of origin.

Asylum seekers often sell their vouchers for much less than face value to buy bus tickets and to shop at cheaper local markets. What YOU can do! You can help by exchanging supermarket vouchers for cash to express your solidarity with asylum seekers. RESTORE would ask you to send a cheque of £35 per month in exchange for a £35 supermarket gift card. If you wish to help, please email info@restore-uk.org

For more information on RESTORE please see http://www.restore-uk.org/