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Troy Davis Hearing – Follow the Amnesty blog

Troy Davis has spent nearly 19 years on death row in the US for a crime he maintains he did not commit. In that time, seven of the nine key witnesses on whose evidence he was convicted have recanted or changed their testimony. Troy finally has the chance to present this new evidence – which could prove his innocence – to a court in Savannah. Stand in solidarity with Troy during his hearing, and send a message to Georgia that the world is watching and justice must be served.

Find out more by following the AIUK Death Penalty campaign blog at http://blogs.amnesty.org.uk/blogs.asp?bid=392 or following the Amnesty International UK Twitter account at http://twitter.com/amnestyuk

Troy Davis – the last call for justice

On 23 June, Troy Davis finally has the chance to present new evidence to a US court that could prove his innocence. Troy has spent 18 years on death row in Georgia and faced execution three times for a crime he maintains he did not commit. Add your face to our photo petition and join a day of global action on 22 June to show Georgia that the world is watching.

Take action at http://www.amnesty.org.uk/content.asp?CategoryID=11458

Death Penalty Abolition Campaign on Facebook

Malvern Hills AI Group member Tom Sanders has recently started a Facebook Group under the name Global Death Penalty Abolition.Tom writes: ‘I started the group because this is an issue that means a huge amount to me. I feel that no person has the right to decide that the life of another should end, no matter what heinous crimes may have been committed. Anyone who wants to join my group is more than welcome. It will show up if you search for “global death penalty abolition” in the Groups section.’

Things are getting better – Death Penalty

Turn on the television or open any newspaper these days and you can sometimes think the world is getting worse, not better.
At Amnesty International we regularly hear appalling stories of abuse and persecution, but in one area things are definitely improving: the abolition of the death penalty.
Amnesty has just published its global death penalty statistics and the good news is that the number of countries still executing prisoners is down (to just 18), significantly less than in previous years.
For the first time ever, last year there were no executions in Europe, and only the USA in the whole of north or south America put prisoners to death last year.
However, China itself executed thousands of people, including the British man Akmal Shaikh (despite fears he was mentally ill).
It’s no coincidence that countries with atrocious human rights records – China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq – also hanged, lethally injected or beheaded most prisoners.
Our message is that crime should always be dealt with firmly, but without the out-dated cruelty of the death penalty.
The good news is that this message is getting heard.