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Campaign Trick #2

The featured campaign trick this week is that perceived weaknesses are strengths. For an individual for example not being a member of the ‘usual suspects’ can be a strength. Doing things in an authentic individual way is a strength – you don’t have to be an experienced activist to succeed and approaching things in a different manner can be the key to succeeding.

Being a member of a particular group can be a great way to coordinate things. For example an LGBT person can be better placed to campaign on LGBT rights, someone from an ethnic minority likewise. The key is that one size doesn’t fit all – look at how your experiences connect to your campaigning and remember everyone brings a different yet valuable contribution to a campaign.

Tricks to Successful Campaigning

In 2003 David Nicholl, a resident blogger on The Stirrer, www.thestirrer.com decided to voice his concerns about Guantanamo Bay. As a consultant neurologist and more importantly as a human being he was concerned about the treatment of detainees. He therefore decided to take action. Over the coming weeks I will be revealing his 15 tips for successful campaigning based on his presentation to our regional conference. Keep an eye on this blog for more info.

His latest post on The Stirrer is on where the bodies were sourced for the Bodies Revealed exhibition in Birmingham challenges the organisers to guarantee they aren’t sourced from executions in China. See http://www.thestirrer.co.uk/january09/bodies-not-revealed-0101101.html