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Action Of The Week: Every Day Should Be Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day tomorrow I have emailed the party leaders about the Manifesto for Motherhood I promoted on the blog earlier on this week. However because I think this is an important campaign and there is a new video with famous faces explaining why every day should be mother’s day. See www.amnesty.org.uk/mums to send an email to party leaders and watch the film. Right I better go and get my mum something nice. And happy Mother’s Day to all mums out there.

Action of the Week: Nepal – Human Rights Defender in Danger

Women human rights defenders in Nepal are often harassed, humiliated and even killed for the work they do. Rita Mahato works as a health counsellor investigating and documenting cases of sexual violence and providing support to women who have been abused. However because she tries to help, she now fears for her life. Since 2007 she has received repeated rape and death threats, while the police have failed to act. See http://bit.ly/bZ2BTn for more information.