DR Congo 50

Colours of the City (a local organisation who promote diversity in Birmingham) have organised an event to mark the 50th Anniversary of Congolese independence. Called DR Congo 50 – Past, Present, Future, the event will be a free debate on the country, held at The Drum in Aston, on Sat 3rd July, 6pm. The independence debate will focus onthe experiences of Congolese people after 50 years of being independent with a view of bringing out ways of empowering the Congolese community in the UK to engage with rebuilding their life in both the UK and the Congo.There will be 5 Speakers who are a mixture of professionals, politicians, teachers or “professors” and academics. Participants in the audience will be up to 30 people who will have opportunities to ask questions. The event is free and open to all. However, there are limited places, so you will need to register online at http://coloursofthecity.org/#/events/4541188561

If you can make it and are able to take an action please email amnestybrum@amnesty.org.uk

Thanks to Pete at Central Birmingham AI group for this information.

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