Bianca Jagger on Vedanta in Orissa

In last weekend’s Observer magazine there was an article by Bianca Jagger on the Kondh community in Orissa, India whose very livelihood has been threatened by the arrival in 2008 of an aluminum refinery. The Vedanta company refinery now plan to build a new one and expand the existing one. The problem? The noise, the heat, the pollution of air and water, and the loss of the local tribe’s sacred land. And that international guidelines, processes and frameworks have been violated. And the population kept in the dark about the plans and their rights. This is why Amnesty exists to stand up for those who are kept in the dark and left with no voice. It is also why Amnesty’s work on economic rights matter because they are integrally connected to their democratic rights. To read the article visit

To find out more on the Amnesty website and to take action go to


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