Campaign Success: Party Leaders Join Our Campaign For Mums

A massive thank you to everyone who supported our Maternal Health Campaign last month. It was a busy week between International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day as we seized the opportunity to make an impact for women worldwide. And it paid off. Thanks to your efforts, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Secretary of State Douglas Alexander all backed our campaign – and we’ve got it on video!
We made sure all our politicians got the message too – we made a short film of some famous faces explaining why the campaign is so important and showed it in the House of Commons.

The positive response was also a great example of what we can achieve in coalition with other organisations, as we worked closely with Save the Children, Oxfam, White Ribbon Alliance and Mumsnet to really maximise the pressure. But it doesn’t stop there. We can’t let this issue go away – every day should be Mother’s Day. The UK has been a world leader on maternal health for some time, and we want to ensure this continues. That’s why we’ll be delivering our giant mother’s day card made up of all your fantastic photos to the next government when they take office. We’ll make sure they’re held to account for the commitments they have made. So please keep sending in those photos of you and your mum, your children, a mum you admire or a mum-to-be.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign – whether by sending an email or uploading a photo – every action makes a difference.

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