Turn Up The Heat On Shell – Take Action In Sutton Coldfield

Shell is poisoning the land, the water and the poeple of the Niger Delta. This has been the message from Amnesty activists across the UK as they protest against the pollution caused by Shell’s Oil Extratction in the region. The Sutton Coldfield Amnesty International group will be replicating this action on Saturday 27th March when they encourage local activists to dress in white hazard suits and hard hats emblazoned with the Shell logo to highlight the cost to the people and the environment as a result of Shell’s oil extraction in the Niger Delta.

Sutton Coldfied AI would like to invite you to join them in demonstrating against Shell’s policies in the Niger Delta at the Shell garage in Mere Green on Sat March 27. The demonstration will be between 10am and 12noon but the group is meeting at the Mere Green Community Centre at 9.50am. For more information on this action please email westmidsamnesty@gmail.com

For further information on the Sutton Coldfield AI Group see http://suttoncoldfield.amnesty.org.uk/

For further information on the Shell campaign see http://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions_details.asp?ActionID=618


2 responses to “Turn Up The Heat On Shell – Take Action In Sutton Coldfield

  1. Now meeting at Sainsbury’s car park which is nearby. Email tom@qualtar.co.uk (Tom) if you need any more information

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