I support Amnesty International because…

When I was at secondary school I was teased for having acne. This made me aware of the unfairness of arbitrary discrimination at an early age. As a result when I was made aware that people could be imprisoned or worse for something they could do nothing about i.e. colour of their skin, sexuality or faith, then I realised that I had to stand up for them.

 This is the first of a series of personal posts about why I joined Amnesty International. It would be great to hear why others joined and how they relate to my motivations.


One response to “I support Amnesty International because…

  1. I support Amnesty because I despise injustice and bullying wherever and whenever it happens; the only thing to do about it is to stand up and shine a light on it – which Amnesty do admirably. I’m proud to be a part of Amnesty’s glorious, life-changing, life-saving, human project 🙂

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