Campaign Trick #1 – Keep It Simple

It is important in campaigning not to ignore the simple things. A letter to your MP and others can make a difference. It is though important not to be fobbed off by a lousy reply and where necessary to write back to them. If you allow anger to turn to apathy you haven’t a chance. Amnesty activists have seen prisoners released and policies changed because they chose to write a letter so it can work.

Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts on these campaign tricks.


4 responses to “Campaign Trick #1 – Keep It Simple

  1. Great tip! Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to share it with Amnesty UK’s followers on Twitter.

  2. Thanks for sharing.. I plan to pass it along to our supporters in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  3. Totally agreed, a follow up can make all difference.
    Alford Amnesty Group, Scotland

  4. Thanks for comments. There will be more tricks to come over the next few weeks. Please share them with others 🙂

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