Get your friends and community together to drink tea and raise money for human rights. Sounds a lovely simple idea that local groups can do. When combined with cake and sending a card to a prisoner of conscience or human rights defender for our Greetings Card Campaign it almost becomes irresistable. Its probably enough to encourage me to bake one of my carrot cakes…

In the meantime if you want to check out the new AmnesTea initiative have a look at the webpage and order your AmnesTea kit. AmnesTea, so obvious it should have been thought of years ago…

Please keep me updated with news and photos of your events and i’ll get them on here. Email


One response to “AmnesTea

  1. Hey – would be great to see the photos of parties as they start rolling in. How about uploading them to too? Would be lovely to see parties that have happened all across the country!

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